WTD: Sigg bottle or similar Sports bottle

Found 19th Oct 2008
I'm looking for a sports bottle that I can carry plain and simple water in. I've heard Sigg bottles are good as they don't leech nasty chemicals but I've also heard good things about Laken aluminium bottles.

Problem is, they cost an arm for what essentially is a water bottle. Can anyone recommend cheaper brand alternatives without quality compromise or failing that, suggest a good (and cheap) place where I can purchase a Sigg?
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I recently picked up 2 Sigg bottles in TK Maxx, one was a limited edition and one was bright pink

But you never know if they'll be in stock!
Thanks.. but TK Maxx stock will always cycle but I'll have to check my local anyway

By the way, which store did you buy yours in and what price were they?
I second TK Maxx. You can pick up a reasonable sized Sigg for £6-7. Certainly were that price @ TK Maxx Purley Way (Croydon) last time I was in.
Ebay is another option, but then there is postage charges.
Blacks or Milletts may do them - and could be cheap.
Decathlon (foreign sports stores) will also do them. Google Decathlon for a list of their UK stores.
Hope that helps, love my Sigg water bottle!
I bought mine in Burton on Trent but they did have some in Derby too - in the mens section for some reason

Can't remember how much, maybe £6 for the small one and £10 for the big pink one

Hope yoy manage to find one
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