Posted 1st Dec 2022
Has anyone seen any good deals on thick socks for wearing round the house?
I got a load of Bridgedale hiking socks pre covid from a sample sale, but they are starting to wear out.
All other hiking type socks are really expensive
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    I got some Bridgedale socks from TK Maxx a while ago for about £5 a pair. Maybe try there
    Seconded. Most of my woolen snowboard/ski socks came from there at decent prices. In fact, ski socks might be better than hiking ones for keeping warm at home as they're about as thick and long as it gets.
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    If you Google Heavy Guage Wool Boot socks, you'll see a well known DIY store sell them for £3.99, in grey.

    I'm not allowed to say their name as they've been very naughty apparently and mods won't allow it
    Ah yes - I see them, Workforce socks, 60% wool, at a store that rhymes with "Poofix".
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    Bought a pack of these socks from ALDI earlier in the year purely to get an order to the free delivery threshold.

    No idea if they are any good as haven't tried them yet - in fact, need to find them.

    Might be worth considering.
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    Deal: coskefy Sports Socks Cushioned Walking Socks Crew Athletic Socks for Outdoor Work Hiking Winter Thermal (5 Pairs/6 Pairs)…hap I bought lots of these and it keeps me warm
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    I like "JEEP LUXURY TERRAIN BOOT SOCKS" - I have previuously bought then from SockShop.
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    Keen sell well-regarded high wool content Merino socks but I can't find anywhere in the UK that sells them for a decent price (was going to buy them the other day). I bought boyf high-content Alpaca socks earlier this year, but they're probably both out of your budget.

    My favourite warm socks are probably too girly (seeing as you have a male username, I'll assume!) but I really love "popcorn socks" and wear them most of the year. Home Bargains, B&M, sometimes Lidl and Aldi sell them.

    This is the time of year Aldi and Lidl get Merino socks in (and baselayers, though the price has went up somewhat - you might be able to hold off and see if they get reduced).
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    I got the 3 for 2 Totes slipper socks from Boots, £12 for all 3.
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    Check out army surplus arctic socks. Multiple retailers
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