[WTD] Virus / Tech Support Scam emails

This is a bit of a strange question, but here goes:
Thought I'd try a bit of scambaiting (wasting the scammer's time by imitating a victim to prevent them scamming others and raise awareness) so if you have any scam emails, specifically ones involving tech support and / or viruses (eg "You have a virus!" or "Your PC may have errors!") please could you send me a screenshot of them via PM or reply.

Any which I can investigate I will and I will post the results on YouTube. I am unable to phone them but if they have live chat / IM / email that's great. I've had a couple of successful results so far, both resulting in the scammers going out of business.

(youtube.com/wat…DmM is my first attempt showing the tactics the scammers use. These scammers shut off their website and IM address shortly after I revealed myself)


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I know that, I thought I'd try myself but more with email scams

good work
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