WTD - Would like to have some nice flowers delivered in Manchester, anyone know of codes etc?


    It's my firends birthday and I am away so would like to send her flowers.
    Does anyone know of a good site where I can do this, maybe any cheap codes?

    I presume you use interflora, but is it possible to get a nice bunch of interesting ones?
    Never sent flowers before, always just bought them in person.

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    I've recently used and they were very nice when they arrived. Not bad on price either but I'm afraid I don't have any codes for you. I'm not personally fussed on Interflora as I don't think they have a great selection - quite limiting really.

    Have you also tried looking for a shop in Manchester itself? I've bought flowers for someone quite a distance away & I wanted to send something unusual so I typed in google something like funky/exotic flowers and the area & I got a list of florists. I just phoned a few to ask what they could do for a given price & I finally chose one of the florists. My friend was amazed!! She had never seen such unusual flowers & took loads of photos to show people.

    Hope I've helped a little. Good luck with it, I hope you find some & that your friend enjoys them xx
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