WTD - Xbox 1 softmod kit or Action Replay

Found 30th Dec 2009
I know the Xbox 1 has had its day, but I was looking at soft modding our Xbox 1. I have two choices:

1) I have the Splinter cell game thats required for the softmod but I do not have the Action Replay kit. Does anyone have an Action Replay kit?


2) Does anyone have the whole softmod kit including software?

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i have the action replay usb + memory card kit, although i do not have the disc, as i found in some random shop in leeds, it can be downloaded from the internet and burned onto cd, which ill make, for £10 delivered. i've just got to install it myself first though.
Or if you have an Xbox Memory card you can send it to me and I'll copy the game saves to it for you, or if you live near me bring it round and I'll do it for free for you (takes 5 mins).

I used a USB cable (Xbox Connector-USB Female, from fleabay for £3.99) an old stick MP3 player and downloaded the AR software from the various sources (You do not need the Hardware to use it) available. (No need for Action Replay kit) you do need some other software when doing it this way but no cost involved for something you're only going to use once or twice and keep lying around in case something goes wrong!

The cable also lets you use a USB keyboard so it's not redundant once used it for the mod.

I'm in Manchester BTW.
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