WTD Xbox 1 with XBMC etc loaded or someone near Northants to put it on mine.

    I have got an Xbox 1 (back) And I have just played with XBMC for the first time. IT IS WICKED! So I would like to give it a whirl on the xbox, however I am not any good at installing things like this so I need to buy one preloaded OR if someone is near me then I could bring it round and pay for the service of doing it.

    Let me know what you have


    Mate your better of getting a Acer Revo or something like that!

    Seriously as exStudent says ditch the xbox and get yourself a revo, although if your not very good at installing stuff then this might be alittle advanced for you as it requires some setting up to have it look good

    Xbmc on Xbox is amazing! only issues I have had is on MKV's which seem to have issues even with SD ones they crash, but for everything else inc emulation its amazing! it even can run many PS1 games ok,

    Its actually easy to do, but can mess up the console for good if you flash it and lose power, like any firmware sort of thing.

    The biggest issues is getting hold of a modding kit, as people sell them for quite a bit, or you can do it yourself with just a cheap cable for a few quid and a compatable pen drive which is simple as long as the pen drive is compatable.
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