WTD: XBOX 360 60gb and advice please =]

    hey, well i have caved in and have agreed with my son tht he can get a Xbox 360 60gb for christmas. So is now the time to buy one or is it best to wait to closer to christmas?

    A bundle pack would be best with games such as COD4, COD5 and PGR4. Also like in the bundle would be an extra controler and prehaps a wifi adaptor [do these come with bundles? or do i have to buy it by itself? Where would the best place to buy on from?]

    thanks rep will be added =]

    EDIT: tahnks for the replies, naa hes not intrested in gears of war, he does like games with creatures. Just looking for a striight deal tbh with no hassel so dont really want to be having to sell games on.


    network adapter most times sold seperate.
    best game depend what your son likes.
    it depends what the bundle is on when to buy
    extra controlelr is extra or someimtes included…er/

    this is good, if you don't want GOW2 SE game you should get £30+ easily on ebay and the extra controller must be worth at least £20

    this is one of the best i've seen lately too:…ea/

    obviously if he's not into gears of war, makes sense to buy these bundles and sell games as the market for 360 games is good, then have a look in comet for good price games or shop around using sites like find-dvd, you should be able to get PGR4 for just under £10 and COD4 at around £30 from argos if they still have stock

    there may be some better offers before christmas, you might get an extra game thrown in maybe
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