wtd;cheapest ps3 package?

    i want a ps3 package suitable for a 15 year old boy please he likes wrestling resident evil fifa etc?:santa:


    Try ]Blockbuster as FIFA comes with a few of their packages or maybe one of the ]gamestation bundles

    Or you could go for the amazon offer, you could get the PS3, HDMI cable, FIFA 08 and Smackdown vs Raw 2008 for £330

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    im gutted i missed the offer ps3 with kane and lynch as he wants this game and that was £279,what gb is best to go for?

    The 40GB console is really the only one available one now, but the 60GB console was better, although it is rumoured that a 80GB or 120GB will come out next year.

    If you want to get Kane and Lynch you could the Blockbuster offer with FIFA and K&L for £330, but it's not as good as the one. Maybe might put that offer back up? Or you could go for the amazon deal, and then exchange SvR 2008 at CEX for Kane & Lynch, but it will cost you an extra £8.

    I dont think there is a resident evil game out yet, or i'd know :giggle:

    Also Arsenal Fans right - you've got more chance in going into game and finding a wii then going round your whole towncentre looking for a 60GB.

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    i hate buying things that arent at a great price coz as soon as u buy its sods law a new hot deal comes out on what youve just bought!i did phone but they couldnt tell me if they would be back in stock again


    what gb is best to go for?

    Note the 40Gb PS3 will **NOT** play PS2 games if that is what he wants to do.

    If he wants to play PS2 games you need to get the 60Gb.

    Sony say the current stock of 60Gb is the last so hunt round and see if you can find one, although I believe stocks are running low.

    I bought a 60Gb one at Toys R Us a couple of weeks ago.
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