WTF - New USB faster than Sandisk Backup??

Found 28th Feb 2011
I've just received the HP v210w memory stick from and run a quick benchmark against my slightly older sandisk cruzer 16gb and Sandisk Ultra backup 16GB.

the HP has 17mb write speed and the Sandisks could barely touch 3mb/s, even though the ultra backup is 3 times the price!

Am I missing something?
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Yes the money you paid for the Sandisk
does the amount of data i have on the disk make a difference? the ultra backup is about 13gb full, the cruzer and hp are empty.

Anyway, I'!! try to use crystal mark hd, hopefully it will run via wine, and im using linux.
copy the files off it to your PC and test both when empty...

Use the same usb port on same computer to test each pen.

Format both to fat32 and make sure each one is has the same policy for removal eg set both to optimize for performance, when you do that though you have to make sure you use the safely remove hardware option on toolbar. I personally always use the safely remove hardware no matter what the policy for the device is.

What was your quick benchmark? Same for all the disks?

What was your quick benchmark? Same for all the disks?

30mb/s read and 21mb/s for HP (sequential read - 100mb file, 2 passes).

Ultra backup 25mb/s read 17mb/s write.

These are approximate and I was using the netbook for other things aswell so not entirely correct, however the with random writes the hp was really slow!

Even so - I'm quite certain the Ultra backup is faster - when it comes to writing files to it it's quicker.

Seems like USB disks are getting faster and faster!
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