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Just played the Demo of WEE Vs raw 2008 and remebered how much I loved those games on the ps2 etc...

Will 2008 but much better/different to 2007? Because theres about a £25 difference, but cant see there being much change gameplay wise?

Any advice?



doubt anyone will be playin the SVR07 game online anymore, and even less when SVR08 comes out. If you wait a few weeks the game will come down to £30

RVD isnt in 08 annoyingly

08 seems better then 07

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whats RVD?

Rob Van Damme

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o lol. I dont follow wrestling I just liked the games and like creating a wrestler and seeing them through the career etc...

Well, the controls are pretty different, so will definitely take some getting used to, but whether it will be better/different to 2007, I can't tell just from the demo.

I'm buying the game anyway (on 360 though) since I had plenty of Amazon vouchers to use :thumbsup:

The SmackDown! commentary appears to be appalling though (especially JBL's - you can tell he's just reading off a card and not putting anything into it - though I hear that he didn't actually get to do all his lines, but somebody else impersonating him did the rest :?).

I wouldn't say that there's a £25 difference though between the PS2 and another version (I'm assuming you mean next gen such as either PS3 or 360), unless of course you are counting RRP's.

PS3 apparently has an exclusive feature - namely being able to use a first-person view during the entrances, however the 360 has a better feature, namely being able to import tracks to use as themes (though I would assume that it would mean copying the songs from a CD to the 360 hard drive, as opposed to playing tracks from over the network from a PC).

PS3 - £34.93 - thehut.com/hut…uct (+ 10% off until noon 26th October - hotukdeals.com/dea…t-n)
PS2 - £24.93 - thehut.com/hut…uct (+ as above) or asda-entertainment.co.uk/asd…uct
XBOX 360 - £31.93 - thehut.com/hut…uct (+ as above) or asda-entertainment.co.uk/asd…uct

(Also on other formats, do a search at find-games.co.uk for the best price, but I thought I'd just list these few formats).

For more information though, you're best to take a look at IGN.com - they have all that you should need to know (with videos and plenty of information to view).

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Sorry should have explained better :P

I own a 360. Was wondering if it was worth waiting for the new one, or just to buy the old one.

But thanks for that, helpful.

Left rep to everyone who helped!

Get the new one, or get both.You can get the old one off ebay for about £6,buts its so annoying with all the loading it does.

08 has better controls IMO

JBLs commentary is rubbish

I haven't played the latest one, but I strongly recommend you don't buy the last one. It is truly is unbearable, it's even worse when you try to explain the delay when sat with a beer with friends...
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