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Found 23rd Jan
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I remember listening to a scrambled sky broadcast, hearing the undertaker defeat hulk hogan thanks to a tombstone on a chair, think ric flair put it there, ah those were the days!

Then after a terrible few years Steve Austin came and lit up the ring, from the bloodstone feud with the hitman that was it, hooked again like that first time watching (well, listening) as a small child all those years before.

Now I'm old and never watch it, but thanks to the post I watched a bit of it, mostly meh, the Austin/McMahon thing was good for a nostalgia trip so thanks for that.
Mostly disappointing. The opening segment was great and it was good to see the Miz beat Roman (although the celebrations wore off very quickly once I realised that Roman could end up winning the Royal Rumble). The Undertaker and DX were wasted at the Manhattan Center, and most of the cameos were so short it was like they were put there just for a cheap nostalgia pop.
Load of crap. Shame really. 'The Revival' must have some real heat backstage...

Had to laugh at HHH claiming WWE would be "the best for the next 25 years. He can't be that blind can he? 'New Japan' is completely destroying them.
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