WWE smackdown vs RAW ps3 version

    whilst my copy is on the way i was wondering whether or not the ps3 version has a online royal rumble feature?

    also is it true that the xbox version has voice-overs and the ps3 version doesnt?



    The only differences I was aware of were that the 360 version allowed custom entrance music, whilst the PS3 version has some sort of gimmicky Sixaxis functionality.

    However, a quick Google suggests that the PS3 version doesn't have online voice chat! It does have voiceovers in the Season mode though.

    Poor old PS3...


    no royal rumble feature as yet

    you can only play a maximum of 4 man matches so not even a battle royal or even money in the bank....

    and there never seems to be anyone online..

    Original Poster

    thats really lame and such a let down to a hardcore fan such as myself.

    Original Poster

    anyone wanna challenge me online? c_T_w if you dare!!!!!!!!

    I had smackdown on the PS3, it just felt so slow to me and a few jaggies put me off so I sold it.
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