WWE Wrestlemania 24 - Anyone Watch It?

Found 31st Mar 2008
I thought this years at the Citrus Bowl was awesome but shame Taker Won again I want that streak over lol

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poor show mid card is terrible, more tag and IC/US matches needed but then i was at last years lol.

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poor show?

Didnt like MITB?? or WWE or World Title match? ....or even the Flair HBK Match?>!?!?

oh flair hbk was great.

mitb was ok compared to the others and the TLC's/ ladder/matches of 16-22 were far better

and mickie james with dresses on:w00t:

i watched it, i love the undertaker, 16-0 he should win it forever

i didn't manage to see it at my mate's house (little one was ill), and don't really want to pay to watch it at mine. is there anywhere i can watch for free or download from t'internet?

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not legally.......try some utube clips

Just watched the Ric Flair Vs Shawn Michaels match on YouTube. Wow, what an amazingly emotional match.. It may not have been the best match ever, but it told one heck of a story.

"I'm Sorry. I love you." :cry:
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