www.admitime.com to check your msn blocked users!? or phishing your logins?

Found 3rd Jun 2007

just asking for a your thoughts. but i really wouldn't recommand you give your details to this site.

it looks to me (i think) it's a phishing site for msn accounts, just as those setup to get your bank details.

got this messange from a msn friend. but the message looks as if it's send by someone else, e.g. hacker, bots, mainly because the tone, language, abbreviations used are different.

if it's flaud, do you know if there is way to report it, to msn for example?
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Well if its a phishing site, I'm quite reluctant to click on it, I don't want to even give my IP address to them!
Just went through google translater (Its spanish), Definetly a trick to try and get your account details, So they can log into your account and steal details etc.

I'll see if there is a email address to report to MSN.
I'm not even going to go on this site and I think it would be a good idea to disable the link in the first post.
that's what i thought, i googled it too. only come up with non-english results.

the link was parsed automatically. but i ll try to disable it.
[SIZE=2]link diabled now.[/SIZE]
thanks edi. just about doing it.
Can't find anything on MSN's site to complain about Fraudulent MSN sites.

There is a contact us page which is useless (Just has FAQ's) and a complaint/feedback form.
there isn't any contact on MSN or any of these site. imagine that only 1% of their user contacting them a day, they will need an army to deal with the enquiries.

the online help is quite useLESS really. so as yahoo's.
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