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Has anybody placed an order with this site and actually received something?
My other half placed an order for a pandora charm from this lot a few weeks back and the only thing she's received is a feedback e-mail and now their website has mysteriously disappeared
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There was a spate of deals for them. They were all posted at about two in the morning and were all removed by the following morning. Defo fake site. Agree with fussy, only buy from approved retailers. An awful lot of fakes around. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
Ok guys,
thanks for the feedback...dont know how many times i've told her to be more careful when placing orders for anything lol
How did she pay for the items?
if by pay pal she might have some recourse.
Toptrumpet23rd Sep

How did she pay for the items?if by pay pal she might have some recourse.

She used her debit card
Well it's a life lesson learnt.
Unfortunately the money's gone and her bank will be unable to retrieve it.
The only thing to do now is to report it to Action fraud in the hope that they've already opened an investigation into this company and possibly to warn others.
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