Groups - help noobs find new offers, PLEASE VOTE HOT shows HOT offers, as most of you are aware there are lots of uses for hotdeals, and noobs are missing out on new offers that have no heat,

    CALLING ALL NOOBS CLICK - 'new' and recently added offers are shown, not just stuff that had votes recommending them,

    and remember to click 'Exclude Expired' unless ur after anything popping up from yesteryear.
    I'm sick of people telling me 'I didn't know u could do that' when I show them new items and offers.

    *If anyone dislikes the way I have asked for HOT, leave a comment saying so,
    and I will destroy this user setup and start afresh*

    Can a cool moderator change the link to 'new' for me thx.…new


    This should be in Misc

    Thanks.... it took me months before I noticed the NEW tab!!

    Original Poster


    This should be in Misc

    How the fk is a noob supposed to find misc? :w00t:


    How the fk is a noob supposed to find misc? :w00t:

    Its on a tab along the top same as 'new' is.


    Original Poster

    oh I get it they want to get to ALL the offers before noobs,
    how cadassian of U. :roll:

    yeah took me a while to work this out as well, those cinema preview tickets were always sold out when i got to them. i always used to only check the rss feed, and then only come to the site if i saw something i wanted, i never even saw the new tab..

    voted hot

    i voted hot and it went down, i guess a lot of people are voting cold...


    the website is called HOTUKdeals theres a clue there, if someone wants to see soem good deals then thats the fits page you see. Its quite an easy layout. you just click on what forum you want and in what topic. I cant see how much easier it could be!

    Moved to misc - Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals killersuzuki. Deleint dupe merchant too....

    Think it's a fab thread.
    Fairly new at this myself, the more help the better and I thought the whole idea was to help eachother out.
    Now if I can work out how to vote it hot, I :oops:


    Now if I can work out how to vote it hot, I :oops:

    You can't - as the thread is now in the "MISC" section there is no heat.

    I do sympathise - it took me quite a while to figure out what the tabs were for - and I still get caught out looking at hot in freebies rather than 'new'.
    Perhaps what we need is "HELP" tab with simple instructions on using the tabs :whistling:

    Original Poster

    Well I honestly thaught I was helping out not only the noobs, but also the site.
    Even though no-one asked me to bin my ID, I will as I don't want any positive feedback going near me!
    I hope somepeople benefitted from this, but I doubt it,
    Please get a nicer layout, the last one was slightly easier on the noob,
    3 years bothering my arss on hotdeals and all i got was this t-shirt!
    cu on the battlefield,

    What are you talking about binning your ID?

    i love your use of the word noob - inspired. go play halo 3.


    me thinks someones been partying without me:oops:


    me thinks someones been partying without me:oops:

    We have!!:p
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