EXPIRED Anyone heard of these guys?

    Their prices are the lowest i have seen on the net
    However i have ordered twice from them.First time i canceled as the ink went out of stock(right after i ordered).Second time a few days later
    Now i still haven't received a refund from my first order.And 2+ weeks later my second order still hasn't arrived

    So just wondering are they scammers or legit?



    Was it ] ?
    I can't see to access the website, maybe they shut the site down already?

    Just tried to look at the site and it just wont load at all "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at" not too promising!!! Although if its the one i'm thinking of they have been advertising in computer mags for at least the past 3 or 4 years, so dont know whats going on there!

    Whois info:

    BN43 5DD

    Created: 04-Apr-1997
    Updated: 25-Sep-2007
    Expires: 04-Apr-2009

    So it doesnt look like it was a fly by night scam company!
    Certainly strange that its unavailable unless that many people on here are hitting the site to check it out for you :giggle:

    me and a couple of other people ordered off them last time this was posted.

    i ordered a set of inks for my brother printer and a couple of the freebies also.

    delivery was a bit slow (8days) and they sent an email confirming a my item had been dispatched after i had already received the inks:roll: but defiantly a legitimate company and great prices.

    cant comment on the quality of the inks im afraid as im waiting for the inks im already using to run out.


    I placed an order with this company over 2 weeks ago, they took the money straight away, i still have not received the items, you cannot contact them by telephone, only by e-mail, they say their e-mail desks are manned 18hours a day yet still take 2-3 days to respond. Try the telephone number yourself, its a free number 0800 9313313, but you cannot speak to anyone, it's just a sales message.
    If you order I hope you have better luck than i did, I'm back to ] unless you can point me in the direction of a good supplier?

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies guys
    The redirects to

    I used to use but haven't compared prices to any of the other websites people have put up, but might be worth a look. They also used to send me free things with every order - nothing exciting, just blank CDs or permanent disc pen things. Also if you don't normally get your old cartridges refilled, if you send them back to ink2u in the envelope they provide they credit your account with £1 per cartridge.

    Not sure if this has changed or whether it's actually any good these days, but yeah. Always quick delivery and I think it's free delivery as well.

    I have found ]inkraider really good.

    Not sure if they are as cheap though. But you do get what you pay for.
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