Found 15th Oct 2010
It appears like they are a fine website but can somebody explain how the whole system works they are offering a 24 month contract at £25 a month (with a free phone) and 23 months of it free. How does this work do you just pay the first month and get the rest free or....

Help appreciated



i believe you pay it all.. month by month then recieve the cashback at THE END of the contract.


You pay monthly as per normal and you usually have to send them your bills. It'll be something like the bill for your 12th month, 18th month and 24th month. You have to send them in within a set period, usually within 2 weeks of receiving them. Assuming you remember (and do it in time) they'll issue a cheque or credit your account.

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Thanks for the help, seems a little too much hassle for my liking

just done one the last year all you have to do is get a screen shot of the bill from o2 etc and email to at set months then they send you the cheque.
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