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www.officialiphoneunlock.co.uk - Anyone used them? Reviews?

Posted 17th Apr 2012
Anyone used this company to unlock the iphone 4s?
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not wanting to sound cautious but with your IMEI number a hacker can transfer it onto another phone which has been blocked due to loss/theft etc. this was the case with the symbian/nokia and other brands too. how much would it cost at a physical shop? the website could be being run from anywhere.

just a thought, if not the case with iphone then please just ignore.

best wishes

£49.99 for O2?? They do it cheaper themselves on PAYG!
O2 is free on contract and £15 on PAYG from memory
Seems decent for those locked on Orange, mind.
They do not refund the pre-order amount paid for an unlock despite not knowing the full cost until it was released!!!
They are scammers.... I paid for ipad unlock 3 weeks ago but still didn't get anything. They ignored all my emails.........
Not really long members against it.

About the pre-order, its a bad idea from their side. People misunderstood what it was. Does say how it works in the FAQ.

My friend has used them and was relatively quick as she could not wait for the orange 3 months pre reg.
Thats a case i do recommend them, otherwise like the o2 example above I would just go through the network.
I did purchased the unlock for my iPhone 4s Verizon USA, but so far they did not unlock it..I bought the unlock on Sunday fifth of August 2012..I need to wait a little bit more..

They are scammers.... I paid for ipad unlock 3 weeks ago but still didn't … They are scammers.... I paid for ipad unlock 3 weeks ago but still didn't get anything. They ignored all my emails.........

did they unlock urs yet
I got my AT&T unlocked around a week ago, took 10 hours for them to actually unlock so for me work perfect.
At least i know now what my provider is. Byebye € 15,-

09 Sep 2012 08:57:12 - IMEI lookup complete. Please refer to our email to find out what network the handset is locked to. YOU HAVE NOT BOUGHT AN UNLOCK - YOU HAVE BOUGHT A SERVICE TO TELL YOU WHAT NETWORK THE HANDSET IS LOCKED TO.
officialiphoneunlock.co.uk: SCAM!

If you ever had jailbroken your phone: forget this site! You will not get the money back when they fail to unlock it!

ios 5.1.1 and baseband 4.12.01
That is a real SCAM... I ordered unlock 51 days ago... I sent many e-mails... Got few e-mails in return - plz wait etc... And now they said that there are no refund... OMG It means I lost 45 GBP
I would be cautious with these guys I have been trying to email and phone them for over a week and they are not responding. Only after paying my money did they indicate that as it was an orange phone they couldnt unlock it at the moment. Exactly it says:
** Orange / Tmobile ** All unlock services for this network nationwide have been suspended.We will update as and when we get any new information.Usually the network will only be offline for a week or so "

Asked for money back and they are not responding. Users beware ****
I'm trying to figure out hot to unlock my god damn iphone 4. My thought process just came a simple question: After your subscription has ended (i.e. 2 years subscription passes) can't you contact the provider in order to unlock the phone?
I paid unlock my iPhone 4S locked to Verizon in 10/10/2012. Passed 40 days and No result! They ignore my messages. At now - i have not my money and have not unlock my iPhone! Very bad guys!
Used this company to unlock my new US AT&T iPhone 5 - all went very smoothly and within 2 days I was able to use my UK Orange sim in my US phone with no problems. A great way to do it with ease and perfect results. Very pleased. They also communicated quickly and efficiently. I feel very confident in recommending them to others needing the perfect unlock - and I speak as someone very cautious of online supposed "unlocking" solutions, having been burnt in the past by scammers.
I want to tell you about this company officialiphoneunlock.co.uk stealing money! My phone operator Japanese softbank 64GB officially unlocked, officialiphoneunlock.co.uk took advance £ 23 and then asked for a £ 109 to my request for a refund, said that would make my IMEI blacklisted.
Beware Scammers !!!!!! There are combining a view good unlocks att and the easy ones but the pre orders get
nothing and then they stop responding to mail.
I order 2 month ago a pre order austria orange for 19.99 ponds and now after many emails still nothing and they
dont respond to my emails.
So beware !!!
If you get scammed call your credit card to get a full refund as they can dispute any transactions within 90 days.
i've been waiting over 3 months now to get my iphone 4 unlocked! and still nothing and they wont give me a refund!
please avoid this scammers! Initially they requested I had to pay £25 for IPHONE 4 unlock (locked to T mobile). After that I've waited for more then one month and then I've got a message that to unlock my IPHONE I need to pay another £109.99 !!!
do not buy from these people they scam you
It's true I sent £100 to unlock my iPhone 4s locked to Verizon and the advisor stated I needed to send a picture of me holding my drivers licence to verify also they took my imei number and said it will take 24 hours to unlock its been over 72 hours and no reply all it states when I check the order status if timescale passes it means your phone is lost/stolen or barred what a rippoff
DO NOT USE THEM!! They took my money and disappeared. All my e-mails go unanswered and they don't pick up the phone!
Absolutely delighted - service delivered as promised

I helped out a friend by encouraging them to upgrade to the latest iPhone software - what I didn't know was that the phone had been jailbroken and was also carrier locked (outside my country) - the owner did not know this either as the phone had been purchased second hand.
I've advised the owner that the phone is ready for them - I can hear the excitement over the phone!
Having a concrete service that officially unlocks the phone in a simple to engage way is a delight. The service promised was delivered. When I got into some difficulty at the final unlock step the team helped out with the advise to downgrade the radio firmware and provided instructions on how to do this.

For your reference:
This phone was an iPhone 3GS - locked to AT&T in the USA.
The unlock process was completed in less than 24 hours.
The discovery that it was locked to AT&T took about 3 days.

Great job team - thank you.
On december 26 i placed and paid for an unlocking of my Iphone 4 locked to Orange Network Switzerland. Despite they claim to unlock your phone in 72 working hours, till 13 january no news from this guys, i sent a first support request, 24h later i receive a reply telling me that they where waiting an update from the supplier (which means that they are only some resellers), 2 days after i finally receive a message telling me that "Your iPhone is now unlocked!" i was happy and try to activate it, but with no success, even made a factory restore as they suggest when activation fails, but nothing still cannot activate my iphone, so i send them a support ticket, after a day waiting for a answer i finally got a message telling me the following: "The order you placed with ourselves has come back from our supplier as rejected, because you gave the incorrect network. We still had to pay the administration cost of this unlock however, so we are unable to refund you."

They say my phone is locked to Orange Network France, when i never bought the phone in France and always have it work with Orange Network Switzerland, since then i've been sending this guys emails asking for a refund or for the complete unlock but they don't even bother answer...

Conned me out of £20 too on this preregister scam, all hidden in the small print in the T&Cs. They also advertise price matching, but again in small print in the T&Cs only applies for UK registered companies. Also a scam on the phone line, it is a premium line and they keep you on hold and don't answer - result- a bill of 11p per minute, and no answer.
Scammers. They take your money and run.
What can we do about them conning us that's my question? I have paid for pre order since nearly 2 months now ! still no joy now thay won't answer back to my emails.
I paid for a pre order unlock, over 10 weeks ago!! once they had my money they then said it would take two weeks!!!

STILL waiting!! so complained! No refund! the threat of blocking the phone on a Blacklist!!

AND NOW!! they want anothr £80!!! to unlock it!!

Rang the carrier in question direct! They told me dont trust them they are SCAMMERS!! there are no plans to unlock there IPHONE 5! on there Network!!

AVOID officaliphoneunlock!!!
After waiting 3 months I asked for a refund as still no unlock. They said a refund would be 4 working days. Once it got to 10 days I started trying to contact them for an update on how long it would be. I tried calling to no answer, using the online support form, their Facebook page and email and got nothing back. I contacted my credit card company and got the money back through them. Thinking it was finally over I now have an email from them accusing me of using a stolen card (even though as requested I sent the photo of me holding my card they requested when I ordered). Apparently they have sent my IP address to card fraud and blacklisted me with iTunes. I'm pretty sure they can't do either of these things.
If you are going to attempt using this company ensure you pay with credit card so you are protected when you need to get your money back.
Mine was an O2 unlock.
Big scammers stillers
These clowns are crooks!!! Stay away!!!
They never provided provided any service I paid for. Good luck getting your money back from these clowns.
They just simply ignore you once they got your money.
I had to involve VISA to get a refund.
Now low and behold someone has opened a fraudulent Pay Pal acct using my Visa Card.
Visa has begun a fraud investigation.
I'm sure these low lifes are behind this.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES use these disgusting and despicable SCAMMERS!
don't trust on that site they are fake i lost my £130 they told me they do unlock my iphone 4s but after that they tell me the phone is block listed that i know that's why i give to unlock and did't unlock and can't refund my money basters

i was scammed to,and i want to make a complain to the credit card processor company. Do you have any idea what merchant do they use to process the payment from credit cards?
i gave them my imei number but they did not do nothing until now. third time send my imei number to the server but i do not belive them. wasting time.
I bought the unlock code guaranteed to be the cheapest. No unlock code sent, just got a request for an additional 109 to unlock my phone. proceed with caution, caution, just thieving scammers. no code sent now i have a useless iPhone 4S
So guys i just lost my 109 GBP?
as i ordered an iphone 4 unlock there 2 weeks back
And does it worked for any1?

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