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    Anyone know anything about get £250 tesco vouchers for completeing the offers and referring someone else deal.
    I have tried similar things in the past with no success anyone tried this one?


    I had a look at this site a while back If you have the time and enough mates (who won't mind a mail box full of junk) I guess you will get the vouchers ... I filled a few in but got bored and decided the vouchers wern't that important lol :lol:

    It looks like you have to buy 6 'deals' from the mentioned companies and then refer someone else who ALSO has to buy 6 'deals' before you can get a tesco gift card - note the terms and conditions saying nothing about there being anything on the gift card.

    It should also be noted they're based in Nevada and have the following disclaimer:
    ...who have no association with and do not make any endorsement of the products or services provided by

    This smells fishy.

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    Yeah couldnt understand if you just had to do 2 deals or all 6.

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    After checking it out its prob not worth the effort, and you could prob make the same or more cashback going through quidco.
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