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Found 29th Sep 2010
I've spotted a laptop on their that takes my fancy and the price seems to be the cheapest around. BUT....I've never heard of them before and the site is questionable. I've mooched around for reviews which range from poor to excellent, but before i do or don't, has anyone on here got any experiences with them?

Anything at all would be great.

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I've not used them, but did a quick check on the domain name


It shows their physical address and phone number (which is the same one given for business sales on the website under Help at the top right). I would recommend checking web site registrations when spotting bargain prices (if you ever use 'Google Shopping' and spot one firm with a price that's 24-40% less than most others, you might find the address is really one of those High Street 'PO Box' firms which can be dressed up by giving a fancy address like Suite 54, Apex House, Something Street, City, Postcode, because the postcode will get it to the right delivery route, and 'Suite 54' is really just 'Box 54'... It's worth checking Google Streetview to see if it's really an electronics store or just some post handling office !

If they really are a PLC then one would expect companieshouse.gov.uk to show them, but in truth, if a company is worth its salt, it should know that under the Companies Act 2006, it is meant to show company registration number, registered address and an e-mail address as minimum contact details, on website (though such info might not be too easy to locate).

Anyway the number shown (020 8200 2020) got an answerphone today, so seems highly likely it's valid and the domain was registered in 1997, so it ties in with them starting in 1995 (however, on websites I tend to suggest a client writes 'in business since XXXX' rather than 'for YY years' as the first does not need to be altered, and the second requires amendment every year!)

I know it was an old query but hope it may benefit someone else looking for this firm (or worried about other firms they spot during a search).
I used them, big mistake, they falsely advertise low prices then refuse to post as the apparent item is damaged buy to 100x more you can have an alternative.
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