Hi guys, just want to know what everyones experiences are when they order an item that they don't have stock in because I have ordered the james bond casino deluxe 42 DVD set and it says "Usually dipatched with 2-4 weeks" looking at the examples on the site I think that they will dispatch it within 4 weeks, but just want to check do you think they will send it
    Thanks in advance


    I ordered A Blu Ray that was out of stock . I kept on getting an Email every week to say they were still waiting. I cancelled eventually.

    I ordered something in stock five days ago and it is still awaiting picking/packing.....they have put the price up on the item now although mine is still showing cheaper price.

    They are terrible and they are *not meant to charge you b4 dispatch so you should make a point of checking and then putting transaction in to dispute with debit/credit card if they have done as they pay supplier first and you have to wait to get money back from them not hut.

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    Thats why HBOS are in financial trouble as they have no idea on what makes good business sense and make bad decisions.

    Cancel your order whilst you still can, only order if they say in stock the second it says on order or they email you to tell you of a delay cancel the order or put into dispute if they already charged you when they should not.

    *The hut charge you instantly on all ELECTRICAL purchases , even after customer services tell you in an email that they do not charge until dispatch. It is on their website to tell you this, hidden well not exactly hidden but not that easy to find either.

    I can't speak for the other folks' experiences but i've bought a fair bit of dvds and the like from them over the last few months. Normally, things in stock are quick and just like the other main internet entertainment retailers. Issues start happening when you try ordering something popular (i.e. posted on here!). For example, ordered Jesse James which was in stock at the time, this was ages ago and I haven't received it yet, I just keep getting periodic emails every half week that it's still on order and they're trying to source it. Seems their stock management system doesn't feed effectively into their website stock level which is quite frustrating.

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    Thanks for the input guys, I hope I get it


    Thanks for the input guys, I hope I get it

    Me too :thumbsup:
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