I recently bought a case from a different supplier or if it gets snipped a company which is named somewhere along the lines of vipers and gaming. Anyway i ordered the case on friday and eagerly anticipated its arrival on Tuesday (due to bank holiday Monday). When however my 'next day delivery' order did not turn up i decided to phone the company The phone was picked up and i got a rather tragic hello. suddenly thoughts swooped in. No call center? no hint of it even being a company number? In fact i could have just rang up for a ad in a newspaper!) anyway i asked if he knew where my case was and he replied...
    "it was a bank holiday yesterday" i said i know this but its a working day today and i ordered friday. He answered with a "well we where closed" i thought this was fair enough so i asked him if it was going to be with me the next day (Wednesday) he said no it would be Thursday i told him i paid for next day delivery as advertised on there site which he didn't care the slightest! I then asked if i could have the postage back as it seemed unfair i paid for next day and he just quickly and rather angrily replied that we should cancel my order which i agreed

    he was rude and the site lies AVOID AT ALL COST



    Moved to misc. Feedback is for HUKD site specific issues.

    I have used this company serverl times, on ebay and also via their website where i ordered a gaming computer - it seems like i had a completly different level of service than you, they were the most help and customer focused company i have dealt with in this sector ( along with 100's of other people it seems as they have PERFECT 100% ebay feedbacy rating )

    You have to understand that some companies do not work 24/7 and especially alot of companies do not work on bank holidays, it seems to me they may of had a back log of orders due to the weekend / bank holiday

    What time did you order the case on the friday?

    PS. "next day delivery"... obviously dependent upon when it was despatched (did you have a date confirmed?), but it does sound from your opening post that you may have spoken to the cleaner.



    lol @ fanpages he probably did speak to the cleaner by the sounds of it.


    Moved to misc. Feedback is for HUKD site specific issues.

    Given how often people make this mistake, it might be an idea to actualy put a note of this somewhere on the site.
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