Join this online football managing sim i joined last week and its a good laugh.

    I have 5 people so far for my league and was wondering if anyone here was interested in joining up if so heres what to do to join my league...

    Log In
    Down the Left Click 'Search'
    In the League id box type this number: 103268
    Click Apply to join league

    When this is done i will accept you application then when you go back on it you chooses a sponsor then i will start the league.


    thanks and good luck i know you will enjoy it.


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    We now have 6 people which is all we need to start the season but are looking for another 4 by 8pm, if your a die hard footy fan this is the game for you..

    Things you can do

    -Press releases
    -Own league forum
    -Buy/Sell players
    -Random stuff happens regading your players
    -Create you own footy kit
    -You own Team name

    Come one people..

    Original Poster

    Bump 2 hours until league starts.

    i play this a lot with work

    who else is in odriscoll

    Original Poster

    Nobody from here yet, hoping to get more people before 8

    Original Poster

    Emasu has joined.

    Where's everyone else? Gosh, the football aint started yet!!

    Although I predict a 7-1 win for AC....

    Original Poster

    I predict 8-1 just to make the mancs look worse come on people 7 teams up want to get another 3 within next hour, get your friends on there aswell its gonna be a laugh.

    I'm in

    Original Poster

    cool ill approve you and emasu need to go back on and choose your sponsor in 1 minute.

    Ok cheers

    Original Poster

    Approved, when you next click on your team you need to choose a sponsor.

    Anymore? 50mins left..

    thanks ok who to pick

    Original Poster

    8 teams now in the league 2 more maybe?

    Can I request Eric Cantona?

    Original Poster

    Request accepted as much as it hurt me to do it :P

    I konw good result last night for you.

    Original Poster

    yep reina is amazing haha

    Come on people follow guide in first post its easy...

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    Also on your teams page if you click sponsor activity you can earn from 250000 econ to 1000000 econ (money used by x11) by answering 3 questions correctly

    emasu challenged you to a game

    Original Poster

    What date do you think i should set the first fixtures for? have some fridlies first though.

    Good question what this time next week?

    Original Poster

    I think monday is good and then maybe a saturday or friday?

    Original Poster

    Another has signed up, not sure if its off this forum though... and emasu try and get one more person so that makes 10 and i will start it..

    Original Poster

    League Has Begun

    Original Poster

    First match is tomorrow remember to do your tactics and get posting press releases.


    although i havent joined this league - i fid monday and friday are the best days for games

    this is so it fits in with the working week - so you dont miss anything over the weekend

    Lost my first game issued press release blasting the ref for my 3 - 1 defeat just call mr Winger

    odriscoll let us know what you think of my new press release thought it was pretty funny.

    i have just signed up...
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