x box 360 faulty

    advice needed please i have 2 xbox 360s one has the ring of death no cables or contriollers, the other plays discs periodically and the disc drawer sometimes sticks comes with tv cables & mains cable wondering what sort of price inc postage i could list it for on her any help appreciated


    whats the manufacture dates on them mate

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    hi sunsetman where do i find them cheers

    For a basix xbox360 these days that sdidnt work with no controllers etc maybe £20 + £8 postage

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    whats the manufacture dates on them mate

    found the dates ring of death 25/12/2005 the other 24/5/2008 cheers

    i would say around 20 quid also

    apart from the periodical play and the sticky draw has anything else ever gone wrong with it also has it been registered with microsoft

    there is a 3 years free manufacturer warranty given by microsoft

    I recommend that you STILL contact Microsoft and send the unit(s) back for repair.
    Make a really big complaint and they'll sort it out. Even if it is out of the 3 yr warranty.
    Good luck

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    thanks guys for all your help
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