X-BOX 360 games advice please recommendations of older games?

Hi, I am looking for some games to get my hubby, he loved Fable 2 (as did I) so anything like that would be great, he likes mass effect.He only got his console in august, so as he puts it needs to buid up his collection, any ideas ?
Thank you in advance for any help, Karen


I have PES2008 available for £6.50 Delivered Recorded.

Edit : also, if you like RPGs then you may like games like BioShock, Oblivion etc.

bioshock is great, and would be a great addition to his collection.

some of the good oldies are

Gears of war
Ghost recon advance war fighter
Call of duty 2 / 3

most of them should be able to be picked up for under a tenner at blockbuster etc.

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Ah, he has got bioshock, it came with the console i think, no idea what PES2008 stands for!, He has Oblivion too, Halo 3, gears of war 1&2, fallout 3 (should have listed whatr games he has!) anymore ideas?, Thanks again

I agree bioshock is amazing and now very cheap.

I would say:
Grand theft auto 4 (10/10 IGN.com)
Gears of war 1 or 2...... saw 1 for 10 pounds on here.
but if he loves fable 2 then try mass effect again cheap but an amazing roleplay game.

assassins creed is ok, worth a look.

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He was enjoying mass effect but got stuck, is trying online to find a way around it i believe, Thanks some great ideas here!

Try grand theft auto 4 if he does not have it.

Or something different. Get official steering wheel and project gotham racing 4 again cheap.... well the game is.

Wheel is about 64..... but good.lol

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Stratomaster, what about ghost recon advance 2 (£11.99 play.com?) any gud?


No no. Ghost recon 2 is good for that price..... its a good game. Good reviews.

For that price it will make an amzing stocking filler.

If in doubt see IGN.com always read reviews there before I buy. Scroll to the bottom and then xbox 360.

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Thanks blanka, i'll check that out !

GTA San Andreas is on back catalogue on XBL and Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are good RPGs.

Call of duty 3 and Rainbow 6 vegas are good games and you can probably get them under £10 each. If you're not worried about brand new items try Blockbuster and Gamestation - they sometimes do 5 games for £25


Massive RPG that puts you in control of a player of your design in a giant world. Has loads of side quests and weapon/magic customisation like Mass Effect and a fantasy world like fable.

Fallout 3

Massive RPG by the people that did Oblivion but more of a post apocalyptic Mad Max type thing with a 1950's vibe, and guns.


Giant 'Sandbox' game where you take on the role of a petty criminal and do missions within a large free roaming city.

Oblivion or Fallout 3 would probably fit what you want in a game if Fable and Mass Effect are his favourites.

Cant go wrong with Hitman: Blood Money. A great game well underrated. Can be picked up for a fiver now.

The price difference between old and new games are so minimal now so get him a newish game.

Left 4 Dead is a good game to play, shooting zombies, its great, can play it over and over again.

Fallout 3


One of the funniest things I have ever done in any game was in Oblivion. I got hold of a bunch of poison apples then did ]this on about ten innocent town guards in one of the cities by replacing all the food with poison. :-D


Stratomaster, what about ghost recon advance 2 (£11.99 play.com?) any gud?

yeah go for it i just said GRAW because it is cheaper :thumbsup:


strat-oh-who?No no. Ghost recon 2 is good for that price..... its a good … strat-oh-who?No no. Ghost recon 2 is good for that price..... its a good game. Good review

That would be me :thumbsup:

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Thanks everyone, just going to order some when i find good prices, got a nice big list thanks to you all, ghost recon is £9.99 at play, bargain me thinks! Thanks again!
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