x box 360 hard drive transfer disc (pal)

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Found 14th Jul 2009
hope some body can help me out, need to borrow a pal 360 transfer disc (pal) will return to sender by next day delivery and cover any postage costs


what kind 20-60, 20-120 or 60-120 etc??

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transferring from a 20 to a 60, does this make a difference?


From a xbox forum .

I had similar problems a few weeks ago when upgrading from a 20GB to 60GB. I borrowed my brothers transfer kit he got with the 120GB drive but it would not recognise my 60GB. I phoned MS and as my 360 was still in warranty they sent me a transfer kit which thankfully did work.

I took a closer look at the two kits and there are some differences. The model numbers are different:

old 120GB cable - X812003-001
new 60GB cable - X815251-002

Also the software is different, the old software makes references to 120GB Hard Drive while the new software is more generic saying just Hard Drive.

My guess would be the old software was only coded to recognise the 120GB which explains why many people including myself could not upgrade using borrowed kits. You will need to either phone MS or find someone that has the new transfer kit which recognises both the 60 and 120GB.

To clear one more thing up. The transfer kit can be used multiple times, my brothers old kit has successfully transferred four hard drives. The one time use is referred to the one time transfer of the 20GB to 60 or 120GB drive. What I am not sure about however is if this means you cant update from 20GB to 60GB and then in the future 60GB to 120GB.

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so can i borrow the transfer kit that you have been sent instead of going through the hassle of phoning microsoft, will post it back straight away and refund your postage, thanks

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just re read youre post and realised you have not got the kit, sorry


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