X Box 360 - How to go Live

    My son has an x box 360 premium he wants to go live can someone please point me in the right direction of how to do this and the cheapest way of doing it - thank you so much


    you need to plug the xbox in to the internet, if you've got broadband already it should be fairly simple since the xbox uses the same kind of cable as a computer. Easiest way is to swap between having the computer plugged in to the internet and the xbox, just change it over depending on what you're using.

    Once online you'll need to subscribe him to xbox live, just follow the instructions on-screen to get a 'gold' membership.

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    that sounds easy thank you i thought i needed to purchase something else lol

    well technically you do, the 'gold' subscription costs! best bet is to stick him on for a month (£5) and see how he gets on, you can get it cheaper if you buy 12 months at once but see how much use he gets from it first

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    is there a wireless adapter i can buy to save me plugging it into my computer ??

    You get a month of xbox live gold free when you first sign up. Are you using a router bargainhunter? If so and if its nearby to the 360 you can plug an ethernet cable (supplied with premium) into the router and 360 and it should work without you having to do anything else.

    And yes there is a wireless adapter you can buy,…e=0

    ^But you can get it alot cheaper than that, not sure on the cheapest place though sorry.

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    thanks for that link, thats the thing i was looking for lol ... god you can tell i am a woman as i havent a clue what i am doing (not that all woman are clueless) !!! i will now try and hunt it for a better price, thank you.
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