My son wants an X-Box 360 for his birthday.
    I know nothing about them at all.
    I would like to get him probably just the Arcade version but would also like a couple of games with it (but not 18+ games). Plus maybe a few accessories (not sure what type though !!!)

    Does anyone know of any good deals around at the moment.
    Another thing is I would rather buy from a known name!!

    Thanks for any suggestions.


    word of advice. dont bother wit hthe arcade. get the premium version of the console. its by far the best of the 3 atm. that will give you most of the stuff you'll need. will it be used on xbox live to play over the internet? [url][/url] are doing good deals on just the consoles atm. games you could easily buy cheaply from a few people on here. how old is your son and maybe i could help with game recommendations.

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    Hello Ace
    Thanks for your advice. My son will be 13.
    The thing is that he has lots of these things already (or at least I think so - obviously he does not)!! And I do not want to spend a fortune on it. Plus he will probably have something else to go with it.

    I wanted him to have the Wii but he does not want that. Wants the XBox like his friends have got. Is the Premium the same as Elite or are they different. There seem to be so many versions. So confusing for me as I have no interest in games consoles at all !!:w00t:

    ok. the elite used to be alot different but now its not. the differences between the elite and premium are now: elite is black, premium is white. elite has a 120gb hard drive, premium has 20gb. and thats it. not worth the price difference. there are alot of good 360 games out for his age. what kinda games does he like?

    i dont think it matters whether arcade or not i got an arcade and is just as good. i got a xbox 360 from comet for £159 with forza, pgr4 and viva piniata great price.

    if he's going to be using xbox live it will make a big difference as he'll need the storage from the hard drive to save maps on games etc

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    :shock: Oh my word.
    I do not know if he will use XBox Live or not yet.
    We are Wireless but the system is locked down and we have not been able to get into it (installed by someone else!!!), so we will need to access our wireless system for him to use XBox Live?

    I told you I was a total console/computer numpty....

    He likes war games, driving games. Football games. I just thought I would like to buy some sort of package so that on the day of his birthday he can set it all up and have some games to play. Anything he wants in particular he can buy with his birthday money after.

    Thanks for you input.
    Very grateful

    Definately get the premium for him, as for the little bit extra you get much more memory. My friend recently bought the arcade and ended up having to but the extra memory which worked out so much more money. So i wouldnt bother with the arcade. Not worth it for the difference. Hope that helps.

    i wudnt personally buy a 360 unless you can play online. its what makes it good. go for a wii instead if not on internet?
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