x box 360 V2 ???

    was wondering if anyone is any the wiser re a Version 2 xbox 360? I don't want to struggle to find a hd dvd drive to play swordfish and firewall on if they are going to release a second generation model in a couple of weeks! it would make sense as to why they have never done an HDMI cable!
    please can someone help??


    the v2 xbox 360 will be out in my opinion around November this year....because simply they want the new CPU chip inside it, for which the mass production has been put back to mid 2007 and then with this they need to implement it and put it inside the console! there is no way it will be released in the next couple of weeks...the best you can hope from microsoft against the PS3 launch is a price drop and thats it....also they might release a HDMI cable for current xbox 360 users..but who knows.:) :thumbsup:

    a hdmi cable is unlikely

    well... the cable is possible, but it wont display any better than the hardware in the machine can output, so it's more a case of a different type of connection
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