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    Hi there bought hubby a xbox for christmas, he hasn't played xbox live yet as i'm unsure what we need, could someone point me in the right direction as to what i need to get started live.


    you get a cable with it to hook up with your router or you can buy the wireless adaptor and you can put it anywhere in the house and then you get one month free when you start. :thumbsup:

    i bought the wireless adaptor from one of the catalogues using the £30 off code and only paid the £30 for it also!

    Hi elaine32.

    All you need to do is connect the ethernet cable you got with the 360 to the back of you router or modem.
    When you have done this start the 360 and you will have an option to join xboxlive (after downloading the updates that is)

    When you have signed up to xboxlive created a gamer tag and finished all you updates it will ask if you want to become a gold member.
    At this point select i dont want to join xboxlive gold option i think it is and it will offer you xboxlive gold free for 1 month.

    Thats it! easy.
    If your hubby hasn`t any friends on live and fancies a game or two add my gamer tag: nuff3rs

    Hope this helps, see you on live!!

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    Thanks very much i'll pass on the info.
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