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    just got a xbox 360 for christmas havent realy had chance to play on it to now im thinking about going live with but i havent got wireless broad band just your normal run of the mill conection can anyone tell me how i could set it up and what parts i need to do it


    Router and ethernet cable. - You can go online and download demos etc
    OR a xbox wireless adapter and a router

    Xbox live subscription to play online

    the wireless adpater are about £50 if you look around, but they are great , just as good as the wire, but cost a bit of money fella

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    found a wireless xbox network adapter for 44.00 quidget one off the bay ive got 70 quid pay pal to thrash so all id need is that & a router right ? i

    Who's your internet with?

    You might have to buy a special type or router.

    and is it ADSL or cable internet.

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    its with orange & its adsl

    go on tell me its going to cost a arm & leg aint it

    Nope, it shouldn't.
    I'll find you one on eBahy if you want.

    How much do you have to spend[after the adapter]

    The adaptor is poo though.


    The adaptor is poo though.

    its alright,abit expensive for what it does.
    Not as fast as ethernet

    From the wording of your post it sounds like you may be under the impression the xbox has to be hooked up using wireless, but it doesn't. If it's near your modem/router it can just be plugged in with the network cable that comes in the box.


    its alright,abit expensive for what it does.Not as fast as ethernet

    It's just a ****** wifi bridge really, if you can find an alternative cheaper one (I think Belkin make one) then that will work as well.

    If you're connecting to the internet using a USB modem, then you can hook your Xbox up to your PC and share the connection through that.

    ICS is even worse than the wifi adaptor.

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    well my pc's down stairs my x box is up stairs havent bought anything yet ive got 65.00 quid on my pay pal whats the best parts i could get for that to do the job

    im so thick when it comes to all this tech stuff

    Powerline adapters? Thats what I use for my Xbox, sends your broadband from the mains the router is plugged into to the power socket closest to your xbox. Pick em up on ebay for about 40 notes


    ICS is even worse than the wifi adaptor.

    The only problem I ever have with it is that you can only get an NAT of moderate (with a Mac, anyway).

    Anyway, Robbo, if you're PC is in a different room to your Xbox, it's not worth bothering with internet connection sharing.

    Your options are either:

    Buy a wireless router (~£50) and either the official wireless adapter (~£50) or a 3rd party one (~£30)

    Or you can buy a wired router (~£30 maybe?) and a long network cable (£5). Unless it's convenient to route a cable, I'd go for the wireless option. As for choosing the official wireless adapter over a 3rd party one, I wouldn't know too much about that. The advantages are that it's much neater and easier to set up, but I haven't had any first hand experience with one.

    That would definitely be a better idea for live than wifi.
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