x box problem

    the bairns xbox is acting the one green light which means everything is ok got the sound but no picture checked the cables and the're ok so anyone got a clue?


    if you got the av cable that switches from hdtv to tv try switching it you may have moved it

    Get a PS3, or......The do the following change AV Cable or As the console starts, press and hold the Y button, and then pull the right trigger at the same time. This causes the Xbox Dashboard to reset the display settings to the default settings and then automatically restarts the console. So it's OK when the Xbox 360 console restarts.

    I that still doesnt work....get a ps3...or get 3 towels (no joke) take out the av cable, power on the console, beforehand wrap the towels around it , power it on for 30mins. DONT LEAVE THE CONSOLE ALONE (IN OTHERWISE DONT POP TO THE SHOPS), power down the console, take towels off connect everything no have a working console...

    You don't need to do the towel trick as you have not had a rrod yet.

    Ask the kid if anything happened prior to the picture going, like tiny little squares of colour appearing all over the screen? If something like this happened then it is on it's way to rrod and if it's still within the three years you may want to help the process along so you can send it for free repair.

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