X Factor

    Couldn't find the other thread from last week. I'll be happy to expire if someone does but....

    X Factor Semi Final.

    Who's going?

    Songs Performers Will Be Singing Will Follow Below:

    JLS: I'm Already There & Umbrella
    Alex: Don't Stop The Music & Un-Break My Heart
    Eggnogg: Does Your Mother Know? & Year 3000
    Diana: Girlfriend & White Flag


    heard il divo might be there...

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    heard il divo might be there...

    Yes they are..... Performing, well, thats what i've been told.



    Hopefully E-og-han will go ! As long as it's not Diana or Alexandra I'm happy

    At least he's cut his hair !!

    eggnog - why the heck is he still there !!!!!

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    Alex nails it again!


    Alex nails it again!

    wicked performance, prefer it when they do an upbeat performance instead of boring ballard after ballard

    what the hell was that carp dance JLS just did :lol: :lol:

    i am embarrassed for them :lol:

    lol @ eggnog! Where in boro u from?

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    lol @ eggnog! Where in boro u from?

    not in Boro

    Aww I thought JLS were brilliant tonight. I think I might vote (for the first time ever- usually I don't bother and then complain if my favourite goes!)

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    lol @ eggnog! Where in boro u from?

    not in Boro.... where I live is in my location


    not in Boro.... where I live is in my location

    I loved JLS tonight - they nailed it for me

    Getting strange looks from my son now as I am singing along with eggnog


    Ah! lol just looked at the name :oops:

    I am woop woop! Where are you?

    Alex and Diana for definite !

    yodelay he he


    yodelay yodelayyodelay he he

    :giggle::giggle: now now


    DIANNA OUT !! ]

    LMAO :lol: Brilliant ! :giggle:

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    LMAO :lol: Brillian ! :giggle:

    Yep it's brillian!

    I was laughing all the way through.


    DIANNA OUT !! ]

    read the comments on youtube vid :lol:

    those youtube people are funny

    Alex is pure class !

    I think everyone knows Alexandra is gonna win, shes way better then the rest but JLS come close

    alexandra is soooooooooooo gonna win she is in a totally higher league than the other contestants

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    Alex has one hell of a voice on her. I think Louis did her a favour in 2005. She wan't ready then. But now by jove she is damn ready!

    happy donkey;3681925

    :giggle::giggle: now now

    i know i know i couldnt resist, her voice just does my head in she sings out of tune aswell

    But why does Louis always call her Alexandra Burke ? There's only one Alexandra in the comp so just call her that !! Does me head in !

    Brilliant!! This has got me in tears...such a soft poop i am! My babys song to her daddy

    Alex all the way, she is way the best, the others are all in the second division, good but not good enough.

    Alex's Unbreak my Heart was nearly as good as Toni Braxton :thumbsup:

    il divo = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    diana should go

    but i think jls will


    diana should gobut i think jls will

    Other way round for me

    JLS should go

    I think Diana will

    i think diana will go

    but i want jls or owen to go

    JLS are through! Yessss

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    Diana Vickers wets her knickers HAHAHAHAHA

    way hey the vickers has left the building


    il divo = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Yeah !! who the heck r they :? I LoLed

    boo hoo all sobbing on stage! hahahahahahaah

    Can't believe I forgot about the result show! I was too busy watching Casualty :roll:

    I'm glad Diana's gone though. Alex to win
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