X factor

    Got tickets to watch the x factor auditions but they dont garantee entry doors open at 5pm so what time do you think i should get there at


    The day before lol.. expect to queue for a few hours. I've been a few times - I think we queued for BGT for about 3.5 hours last time before they let us in.

    5pm......the day before!

    5pm... on the day. That way you should be lucky enough to miss it X)

    4-5hours early

    Original Poster

    so going at 3 prob not gonna get in how many do they let in


    people queue for 4-5 hours to watch xfactor / bgt auditions!!!

    the mind boggles oO

    Original Poster

    i only finish work at 12 so prob just have go straight there would of been easie if it was on at a weekend

    I'd say get there at about 6pm to make sure they are all in and then set fire to the place

    if you've got allocated seats arrive at 6pm otherwise go a couple of hours early at 3pm.
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