X Factor - Austin Or Rach??

    Well im shocked Daniels still there but I hope Austins off


    Rachel, she just ain't got it.

    rachael this week austin next!!!

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    I may change my vote after that song..i hated it ..

    just watched racheldidnt think much

    nearly as bad :roll:

    Rachel is far too aggressive...i'm not a fan. Thought Daniel should of gone really or at least been in the bottom 2.

    rachels song was way too downbeat and she oversang it.

    Emo kid Austin for the win this week.

    Two dreadful performances

    yeah neiter was that good

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    That crying from austin reminds me of last week...i think thats rubbish this week however

    rachel pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeee she's got to go!!

    louis dont saveeeeeeee rachaellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    omg i dont belive it

    louis did that to get at simon!!!

    Original Poster

    that shocked me a bit

    well that was the wrong choice

    :x Just know he done that to get at Simon!!

    spiteful little weasel just did that to annoy simon


    louis did that to get at simon!!!

    yes i was thinking the same lol:whistling:

    fairest way... let us decide :thumbsup:


    fairest way... let us decide :thumbsup:

    totally, removes the politics.

    :x im nothappy i dont like rachel


    fairest way... let us decide :thumbsup:

    totally agree louis should have let it go to dead lock & rachel would have definitely gone :x
    annoys me that she pretends to be so humble and sad when austin went - think they need to pay for some more acting lessons for her :lol:

    email xfactor they might put comments on xtrafactor :lol:…htm
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