X Factor Final 12 Prediction Competition

    So, post your final 12 in order of being eliminated from the competition, with number 1 being the winner.

    Maybe 1 point per correct placing, half a point if only one out?

    Don't edit your post if you want people to believe you predicted correctly!

    Rep for the winner!

    Good luck!


    Original Poster

    1. Olly Murs
    2. Danyl Johnson
    3. Lucie Jones
    4. Joe Mcfleddery
    5. Stacey
    6. Rachael Adege
    7. Candy Rain
    8. Jamie Afro
    9. Miss Frank
    10. Lloyd Daniels
    11. Rikki Loney
    12. Beevus & Butthead.

    Lass out of miss frank is a right legend...loving her!

    12. John and Edward
    11. Kandy Rain
    10. Rachel Adedeji
    9. Rikki Loney
    8. Olly Murs
    7. Lloyd Daniels
    6. Miss Frank
    5. Lucy Jones
    4. Jamie Archer
    3. Stacey Solomon
    2. Joe Mcelderry
    1. Danyl Johnson

    1. Olly
    2. Danyl
    3. Jamie
    4. Stacey
    5. Lucie
    6. Miss Frank
    7. Rachel
    8. Joe
    9. Rikki
    10. Lloyd
    11. Kandy Rain
    12. John & Edward

    It's so hard to predict but I'd be surprised if the people I have in top 5 don't make it there.

    How good was Alexandra there?

    I can't be faffed with predicting the order they will be out, but i am not rating the groups much, and I really would like to see Danyl winning. Or Jamie, not too fussed on that one. Mind you, Rachel is quite good, and as scatty as Stacy is, I love her voice. Olly is pretty good. Does he remind anyone else of a young Jim kerr (in looks)? As long as the twins are out sharpish, you know, I don't care who wins. The competition is pretty good this year. Hard to pick a front winner.

    The only winner will be Cowell :whistling:

    None of them, its all money making crap. Waste of a TV license. :x


    None of them, its all money making crap. Waste of a TV license. :x

    Except it's not on the BBC but I agree with your 1st point :-D

    Thats blown it then

    Original Poster

    I think that puts me in the lead then with a massive 1 point??

    Original Poster

    Moving further into the lead with 1 and a half points now!

    Natasha and Michelle on half a point each.

    Anyone else fancy having a stab? You're only 1 and a half points behind, won't take long to catch up!!! (plus you've got the advantage of having seen the acts more times).

    Original Poster

    Natasha moving up the league with 1 point now, Michelle just behind with half a point, and of course me in the lead with a massive point and a half!!

    Original Poster

    No points for anyone tonight, massive shock!!!

    I had Lucie for third place!

    Original Poster

    That'll be me up to 2 points then! Natasha 1 point, Michelle half a point.

    Original Poster

    I've got 4 in the top 6, Michelle and Natasha have 3.

    Glad this thread turned into a winner!

    Original Poster


    Natasha and me ending up with 2 and a half points each!

    Michelle with 1 and a half points.

    Natasha can have the win as she got the winner closest!
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