X Factor Sixth Live Show Thread

    Who will perform the best?

    Who will end up in the bottom 2? I'm just begging Lloyd will be there .....

    Shakira will perform tomorrow and The finals will sing their charity song for Great Ormond Street 'You are not alone' tomorrow. Aswell as the normal group performance of Bohemian Rhapsody


    Song contestants are signing will appear here...


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    Who Wants To Live Forever

    Somebody To Love

    Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    We Are The Champions

    Radio Gaga

    Don't Stop Me Now

    John and Edward
    Under Pressure / Ice ice baby

    Charity isn't help for heroes this year It's for Great Ormond Street

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    Charity isn't help for heroes this year It's for Great Ormond Street

    Sorry, realised i got it wrong, will change.....

    not gonna be watching it 4 nations is on


    John and Edward out!

    That other post was better

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    That other post was better


    i've got to want lloyd to stay as he only lives a few miles from me

    jedward to go ( i can hope can't i)

    pleeeeeeeeeeeease get danyl out -

    when he smiles it terrifies me btw - his smile is awful

    his singing is okay - but Olly is fabulous

    Jedward will def go this weekend - whoopee


    back due to popular demand :thumbsup:


    after last weeks farce Ive given up on it,there isnt one person in it that is going to do anything long term in the music business anyways-this show has run its course imho.

    Are you sure the charity isn't the RNID, as the contestants are signing?


    Are you sure the charity isn't the RNID, as the contestants are signing?

    or the dyslexic

    well am going to sky plus it as we are off out to the pub for a friends birthday but also so I can fast forward through the bores like Lloyd and Danyl

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    to clarify:

    The final twelve acts from the sixth series of TV talent show The X Factor in the United Kingdom are to release a cover version of the song on November 15, 2009 in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital. The finalists will perform the song for the first time on the November 15 edition of the programme; the single will be available for digital download that day and a physical release will follow the day after. The release of the song follows a similar occurrence a year earlier, when the final twelve acts from the fifth series released a cover version of Mariah Carey's "Hero" in aid of Help for Heroes and raised over £1 million.

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    why did this get spammed? or am i going mad?

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    We start with Jamie singing Radio Gaga

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    Why is it so dead in here tonight? Surely people haven't boycotted it after last week?

    I'm watching! Was not too fussed about Jamie's performance but then I'm not a huge fan.... however, I did like his new look tonight

    Its ok, I'm here now. lol

    Think I filled this thread last week!!

    Anyway, didn't think much of Jamie tonight, didn't do as well as I thought he would, considering.

    Hope Jedward get the boot by the way, cost me a tenner last week (to my 9yr old son!!!!)

    Not bad from Lloyd, better than last week anyway. His voice seems stronger this week.

    I'm here! Was ironing!. Lloyd deffo better than last week, but I still can't stand him. Jamie was OK...

    I do love Olly....


    I do love Olly....

    Me too.... he is just so wiggly!x:)

    Do not like this at all from Ollie, think he might be in trouble this week!

    Was Ollie having a fit ? :?

    Must sound different in the studio cos I thought Olly sounded quite bad and was out of breath in places!

    Now that was how to sing a Queen song, Joe nailed that!!!


    Now that was how to sing a Queen song, Joe nailed that!!!

    Maybe I have wax in my ears, thought it was a tad flat

    Joe - Loved it, best so far, so how come Simon is picking holes?

    Love J & E!!!

    The audience is going bonkers !


    Love J & E!!!


    :):) Jedward - you just gotta love them :):)Tell me they didn't make you smile :thumbsup:

    That actually wasn't too bad from Jedward - omg I can't believe I've just written that down!!!

    What's that about someone on stage with a pineapple on their head??

    Wow, Stacey just gave me goosebumps and I'm not really a Stacey fan!!!

    I have never heard of this Queen song before...:oops:

    Stacey = AMAZING!!!!!!


    Stacey = AMAZING!!!!!!

    agreed she was fab
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