X factor v RATM


    Agreed, this is hilarious!

    Rage Against the Machine for Christmas number 1!!! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Apparently they 65,000 ahead of X factor.

    Thats cool, lol !!

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    whoops, Missed a clickable link for the lazies.…SsY

    Love it! First I'd heard the song also. :thumbsup:

    In x factors defence -…ted

    Great song, great perfomance.


    In x factors defence … In x factors defence - song, great perfomance.

    +1 :thumbsup:

    that made me lol! haha

    was just about to post this, Well funny...

    That song is awful, I'd rather have Joe at No.1 tbh even though I don't really think he's that good.


    The campaign is stupid, but that was actually quite well done.:santa:

    A campaign with so many flaws that I cannot be ersed listing them conducted by people who take this sort of thing far too seriously. That vid is pretty well done though.
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