Found 14th Oct 2008 we go :-)

Day 1: Nokia N96 or Apple iPhone 3G (16 GB)
Day 2: Apple iPhone 3G (16 GB) or HTC Google G1 Phone
Day 3: HTC Google G1 Phone or Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
Day 4: Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 or HTC Touch HD
Day 5: HTC Touch HD or Samsung Omnia

I'm confused! What would be your choice from the list above and why? I'm gonna check your reviews and narrow down my choice.

Current Status: I'm thinking of taking Apple iPhone 3G (16GB) !!

Go on.. shoot your suggestions or fight for your fan status.. Apple iFan Boy...Sony wFan Boy...Samsung Boy.. HTC HDFan Boy.. Google G1Fan Boy...ha ha!!!


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im in exactly the same boat! so interested in peeps thoughts aswell.

i have an xda ignito (touch diamond)

it's great - i love it

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really cool phone

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 - I have no idea. Not too keen on se phones though. They can be good, but just not for me.

HTC Touch - No, this is a buggy phone. It's windows phone underneath but has a different GUI. Because of this you get problems with the touch screen. It doesn't always register when/what you touch and the screen can become 'confused' with items overlapping.

Samsung Omnia - One of the worst phones of the bunch. Samsungs tend to be more fashion then function.
This is a windows phone which can be okay for general everyday use but if you're too quick or are using too many features then you'll run into a lot of problems. Mainly the phone crashing.

Nokia N96 - good phone. As long as you like nokias and know how to use them.

Iphone - (can't believe im saying this) It's a good phone, as long as you like touch screen phones. If you haven't owned a touch screen phone then you may want to think hard before getting one. The main bad point about this phone is that it is only available on O2 and the tariffs are seriously lacking in value for money.

HTC Google G1 - No idea. Has a lot of hype but whether it will live up to this has yet to be seen. It's only on T-Mobile but the tariffs look decent.

Personally I don't like touch screen so I would go for the Nokia N96.

I am desperate to get shot of the awful Samsung F700 i have and my contract is up in 3 days. I am having exactly the same problems.

I have always preferred the Xperia and that would have been my choice had it not been delayed for the 3 time in a month. Whats going on with this? I hear its first week in November at the soonest.

My second choice the N96 is not getting the reviews i would expect and the common opinion is its no better than the N95.

The lack of a keyboard or physical buttons rules out the IPhone.

That brings me onto the Google phone. It has everything i want and more, However the pricey £40 a month 18 month contract is £10 over what i am currently spending for the same minutes/texts.

As for the Samsung i would avoid them like the plague. The F700 i have is less than a year old and is already close to death (crashing and on go slow a lot of the time).

For me its a choice between waiting the 2 weeks for the Xperia or pay the extra for the Google phone (£180 extra over 18 months is not very appealing).

You can try the SE X1 simultor too if you click 'try the phone' on the left hand side...…lc=

iphone 3g 16GB !! How much unlocked for these?

I wouldn't touch Windows mobile with a 10ft bargepole, it's a horrid OS. So that leaves the G1, N96 or iPhone. There's not really any option out of those 3 for me as the Nokia's an ugly/clunky brick, T-mobile sucks, and there's no way I'd dirty myself with O2 again (but I would probably have the iPhone if it were available on a decent network). Throwing another one into the hat, have you looked at the Blackberry Storm?

Well i like Windows mobile. If you want an awful OS try a Samsung phone.

I could not use an iphone due to the lack of physical keys. Why oh why it has no keyboard it would be a simple choice if it did.
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