X rocker sound from Xbox one controller?

Posted 21st Feb 2016
can anyone help solve this....

Bought my daughter an X rocker chair. If I plug my PS4 controller into the chairs audio port I get game sounds perfectly and chair vi rates etc..

Problem is with the Xbox one- I have a newwer controller with the 3.5mm port on it. I plug it into the chair I get no sound at all from it? If I use the controller adapter tho I get the sounds perfectly?!!

Why wont sounds work without the adapter? I can plug a set of earphones in without it and get game sounds?

anyone help?
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Because it's a different port on the Xbox one controllers to do full sound so I heard. The PS4 just stuck with normal jack, which is great because I use my XP510's on the thing no problem and get full sound from optical and can use direct mic through the controller.


its a 3.5mm jack on the Xbox one controller ?

its a 3.5mm jack on the Xbox one controller ?

Go into settings for the sound I think it is when the audio cable is plugged in and check the volume is up?

And did you mean headphones work without the adapter?
Can anyone help ?

Bought my daughter the XRocker headset at Xmas for her Xbox.
In the last week or so it just mutes and unmutes by itself ?
Im guessing its a Loose wire ?
Or has anyone had experience with this issue too ?
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