X Rocker / Turtle Beach set up?

Found 23rd Dec 2012
I currently got my Turtle Beach wired up via the Xbox 360 Audio Adapter. As in the picture below.

I've recently managed to pick up an X Rocker Pro gaming chair off eBay today for £45 but it only came with the adapter to power the chair and not the leads needed to connect it to the Xbox / TV.

I can pick up a full set of leads again from eBay but was wondering if it was just a case of connecting one end of the red / white audio leads from the Xbox Audio Adapter to the Audio in on the chair?

Anyone else got a simular set up?


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It should do but the best way to find out is just try it if you have the leads to.
I've got an xrocker but since the wireless receiver broke I haven't bothered with using the speakers.

so you want to run the sound from the Xbox to chair and then to the headphones? ifso don't think that will work???

bit confused lol
might be of some help if you want to go wireless, not sure if your model has it built in or not

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