Found 7th Aug 2010
how do you change the touch screen settings?
also how do u increase battery life, is there any apps i can get for this?
what do people think of this phone

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try Juicedefender to improve battery life.

Don't know about the screen though.

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i downloaded that thanks

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how do i add rep for u

Ive got the x10 mini pro.

"also how do u increase battery life" well, this one lasts quite a while, but my partners phone had big trouble lasting more than a day. after reading up about a lot of things.

switch your bluetooth/wifi connections off
if you dont use 3g+ switch that off

just incase you dont already do that....

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i done that mate cheers, any good apps you have?

what do u want to change exactly, Ive found the screen one of the best Ive used. I have a samsung jet aswell, and find this rubbish in comparison.

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when i try to use the touch screen sometimes, it doesnt respond

its quite sensitive, the lightest touch works for me, the only thing that isnt great is clicking on the corners, ill check later, but dont think there are any settings to adjust sensitivity? maybe the backlight time thats it.

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thats right the corners is what i need to sort out. is there any good apps you can recommend for general use?!

I think the problem with the corners - is the screen is slightly too small. Dont know of any apps to fix it tbh.
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