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Found 11th Oct 2017
Following great advice here bought a Global edition Redmi 4 which I LOVE.

Today it won't charge. Not a fault with charger or cable.

When this happened with my Hudl2 I did a factory reset and this resolved it.

am worried about factory resetting my phone and ending up with no Google Play and everything in Chinese!!

Would erasing data via Google Drive account help??

Any guidance would be appreciated. xxx
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This happened to me once when I factory reset my Xiaomi phone. Try booting your phone into safe mode (When you phone is off switch it on and hold the on button, when you see the mi logo hold down the volume down button at the same time). I waited 5 mins then held the off button (your phone should restart). After I done this my phone was able to recharge again.
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Leave it plugged in the charger. Don't touch it. Don't fiddle with it. Heard this discussed on a tech podcasts where folks won't leave phone alone. It's strange as it appears dead for a few hours only to suddenly spring to life and start charging.. I
Does your phone and charger get extremely hot if plugged into the mains? because mine did when my Xiaomi wouldn't charge.
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Thanks both. Haven't noticed it getting hot. I do fiddle with it all the time, so will try leaving it all day while I'm out.
Appreciate the input as I love my phone and can't believe we ever survived without them!!
Fingers crossed and many thanks x
Not sure if I have enough power left to try booting into safe mode. Should have turned it off when I first noticed a problem
Oh!!!! Left it on and left it alone, but nothing. Did the holding the on button and volume and have a little picture of a dog and a robot with fastboot written underneath!!! Help!! Any ideas for what to do next????
Very grateful to you for any advice xx
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