xb0x 360 games = for flashed consoles

those who have there consoles flashed

i have seen games on the internet that say name of the game USA-NTSC AND THEN RF NEXT TO IT FOR REGION FREE

will this work on my pal console when i get it modded

or will i have to get games that say pal and rf as i know with te ps2 when that was modded you could play ntsc and pal games,

is this the same with the xbox 360 as long as it said RF on the game for region free?

A Little confused, i have sammy drive which the guy is going to put lt ixtreme on it rather than 1.61 will that matter or make a difference?? console is dated from 2006


Surely if you are flashing then why dont you 'source' your own games thus even cheaper?
I only ever 'source' PAL, as I have a PAL system, never needed to get NTSC as there are normally PAL releases within a day or two after at the latest.

NTSC region free games work on unmodded consoles so a modified one will works also.


Aye no problem with NTSC RF games working.
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