Xb1 or PS4?

    In the mood for picking up a next gen console. Have seen some great deals for the Xb1, but not many for the PS4. Ideally I would like to use Amazon as I have a lot of credit.

    I mainly am interested in the new Final Fantasy games and The Witness. Also interested in a console moba such as paragon.

    I don't have a 4K tele, and have no plans to buy one. Also not interested in playing Blu Rays.

    If it is a ps4, size doesn't matter, but fan sound does. Which is best?

    Which would you suggest?

    Many thanks.


    Have you got any friends on any of the systems? in terms of games the new Final Fantasy and The Witness are now on/coming to both systems.

    Youll get nothing but arguing here asking that lol

    Personally id say ps4 have used both and i prefer it as an overall experience. Most important thing if ur into online gaming is what ur mates have really as theyre both fairly good systems

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies. Really not meaning to start feuds lol.

    Friends are evenly split between the two, but don't play games that I am into. So this doesn't bother me.

    Do you still have to pay to play in Xbox?

    I had an Xbox 360 last gen, and whilst the new Gears and Halo look great, they have limited appeal as i feel like I have done that before.

    You pay for both now if u want to play online 40 pound a year if its paying outright. Theyre both fairly good consoles i just personally prefer the ps4

    PS4 everyday!

    I would personally recommend the ps4 due to the fact that I have one and find it easier and more useful than an xbox. However, realistically you cannot go wrong with either and xbox does seem cheaper:…200?tduid=(f2c057ccad41b9fd5e314c9915cd2cb5)(266696)(1633236)(fm_4000487)()

    Original Poster

    I think the price is what is swaying me towards the xb1. Think I will wait to the weekend and make a choice.

    Thanks for the help.

    haven't had a console since the ps3 and 360 were popular and back then xbox always had a better community (that's why I ditched my ps3 and got a 360), unsure what it's like these days

    You can't by a next gen console yet, they are not for sale yet.

    I own a Ps4 and love it. have played XBOX and can't tell any difference in gamelan.
    but I prefer the ps4 as I prefer the controller and I have a psvita which takes the ps4 to another level as I'm able to play ps4 anywhere in the house without needing a TV. not sure if you can do that with xbox


    If you have no definite pros for one console above the other, I would recommend you try the controller for each.

    Controller feel is important.


    I've got both and there's **** all between them, I prefer the controller on the ps4 but that's it. Go for the best deal
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