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Hi Guys,

I apoligise for yet another xbmc/acer revo thread!

Hubby made a live version of xbmc on a 2GB memory stick, and booted it up on our laptop to see how easy it was before buying a Revo; however we cannot seem to access any of the films/music on the laptop harddrive even when trying to specify a file path! if we insert a portable hard drive it finds the films that are stored on it.

When we buy the revo how do you install media on the hard drive to display on xbmc interface instead of using external storage devices. would hubby have to ftp the videos over into a file on the revos harddrive???

It also did not want to display weather resluts or show the films with all the imdb info.

Apoligies for what probably is a stupid question


i suggest u go to the xbmc forums and get reading

yep once installed on the Revo you will have to FTP across

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Thanks adrpro, are there folders already set up that you drag them into? ao do you name them as something specific? e.g. a videos file for videos tc

if your storing on the Revo then yes label them Movies, TV Shows. Music etc

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Thanks andrpro

no worries give me a shout if you get stuck
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