My Son would like an xbox for Christmas. I am a useless Mummy when it comes to gaming. Any advice/tips will be greatly appreciated. For example do I go for the latest model or are others just as good, are there nay subscription fees et.c. Thanks.


    The standard Xbox one is still very good, get the Xbox one S if you can but really no need, get a gold subscription off here and your good to go.

    I would say go for the latest model. Of course if he is very young I wouldn't. Older kids get a load of peer pressure. I know it's not nice at all but so true!

    Older model is fine. Ebay will be great place to start. Local pick up, be able to get a better deal with some games too hopefully.

    Don't pay Microsoft for xbox live. Get a code from cdkeys or here on the for sale forum.

    If going to play live with friends i would check what xbox they have ... i got my son an xbox 1 last year yet all his friends still have xbox 360 so he chooses to play with them on his 360 rather than on xbox 1!!!

    Get him to double check if his mates have ps4 or xbox one. You cant play together across consoles not uncommon for a parent to buy one or the other only to find out the kid wants the other as his mates play together on it

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    Thank you so much for all of your comments.
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