xbox 30 head set - just got a gameware one and how do i ,,,,

just bought a xbox 360 headset from game tonight and pluged it up for halo 3 and i could heard some one speak but when i dont know if they could here me i dont know if its working or not am not completely sure

can some one help me properly set this up so i can get it to work with nearly every game

gamer tag vickihenderson

also i have a 360 48 hour trial of gold memeber ship at the moment


What age is your account setup for? if under 16 or 17 people cant hear you talk, happened to my nephew, had to set up another account and get an adult to verify his to get outgoing speech…595

Try and send a voice msg to someone on your friends list, then playback the record. You do not have to send the record and this way you will find out if its working.


im pretty sure halo has a press to talk feature where you have to press a button to chat?

lol call xbox 'instead' its a fact

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lol call xbox 'instead' its a fact

its what?

i tried an another headset creative set wit the 2 jacks and used a 3 to 2 mm jack adapter and a headphone splitter.

i could hear and i could get voice but it was pretty muffled and not one could understand what i had said, so am not impressed with the gameware head set does any one else have any good ones that are garanteed to work,

will be returning it back to game due to face there verson does not work at all

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