Xbox 360

    Just got my Xbox 360, and just had a general question about setup.

    One of the first things it says in the manual is that it should be flat and level. Mine at the moment is stored upright next to my tv, and is kept stable thanks to a stand that i used for my old PS2.

    Is this ok, or will it damage the console in any way with it being upright all the time?


    im sure they say that with all consoles. if yours is stable then that fine but normally if the console is standing upright and its not stable the cd could get scratched. so just be carefull.

    as long the peice of furinture its on dont virbrate when someone walks next to it, you should be fine.

    To be on the safe side I'd sit it horizontally on a hard surface with adequate space around it for ventilation.

    I've had mine standing up right, on a flat, wooden desk with plenty of ventilation since march and havent had a single problem with it, so as long as there isnt a chance of it falling over then your fine, if it does fall over while a disk is being read then the disk will get extremely scratched.
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